Written pre-covid, the third single from Time for Dreams upcoming album Life of the Inhabitant:


‘Death to All Actors’ is a pandemic themed song about rituals, the fear of death and plagues. The duo's luminous Amanda Roff muses, “when I wrote the song I was thinking of Norman Mailer’s “Ancient Evenings” where at one point in the afterlife you must swim through a river of actual human shit”.


‘Death to All Actors’ reflects on the shift of actors' societal status historically, Roff explains, “Does anyone really trust actors? Society seems to idolise them now, but there was a time they couldn’t even be buried in consecrated ground. Traveling groups of actors were suspected super spreaders of the plague from city to city.” 

‘Death to All Actors’ is a triumph of balance - beautiful sub bass thuds softly, dusted in Carlyon’s soft signature post punk guitar while Amanda’s vocals and stories sit like crystal, “musically Death to All Actors is the most cheerful song on the record - a snaky beat that opens out into a rather ecstatic instrumental interlude about enjoying life while you can,” says Roff.