Time For Dreams, is an Australian, Naarm / Melbourne based duo making bleak, smoky, dehydrated bad-dream pop. 

Their soon-to-be released second Lp, Life Of The Inhabitant, was born of a desire to create something personal and romantic set in the ruins of the currently unfolding apocalypse. Not reckless, swoony romantic but “terrible, lonely, beautiful romantic - broken, defiant, tired, kind, quiet, strong and conflicted romantic.” As Carlyon describes it, “the musical scenes in my mind unfolded across the rooftops of a metropolis or in a desert, or on the steppes of some other planet where half-buried electric cables glitch in the breeze, and zombie fires smoulder in the peatlands. In other words, expansive, overwhelming or limitless scenery, viewed from a tiny window high up on the edge of the citadel. I pictured Amanda and I wrapped up in a secure bunker looking over all this in wonder and resignation.” 

Their 2017 debut album, In Time, was a hot and humid fantasy set in imaginary nightclubs around the globe. It was both PBS FM and RRR album of the week and was long-listed for the Australian Music Prize. Their following single, You’ve Got A Friend, was described as an “impeccable dream-pop moment” (Jake Wilton, AAA Backstage). In 2018 they were nominated for the Corner Live Music Award played Melbourne Music Week, Melbourne Fashion Week, Dark Mofo and The Meredith Music Festival. In 2019 their song Stranger was included on the playlist for the Comme des Garcons exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria and songs from their first album were re-mixed by fellow artists Simon Karis (Nice Music), Various Asses, Geryon and Declan Kelly/Dream Kit. 

 Praise for In Time: 

 “For many years the debut album from Time For Dreams was an elusive, tantalising fantasy. It began as a conversation between two gifted artists, Tom Carlyon and Amanda Roff, and slowly evolved into a rich exchange. Thoughts and memories condensed into sound and feeling, all driven by deep dub bass lines, mesmeric melodies, vocals and beats. Each song is an invitation to follow Amanda and Tom on these journeys, travelling to nameless nightclubs where the alluring sounds of anonymous house-bands hold everyone in a state of trance. With Time For Dreams, the promise of escape is real and the holiday need never end.” SIMON WINKLER Music Coordinator 3RRR FM